Death Stranding: Sony Patents The Functionality That Allows You To Create Shared Paths

Apparently Sony filed the patent for an in-game feature that allows the creation of collaborative paths, just like in Death Stranding. The patent expressly recalls the inventor Hideo Kojima and could indicate a possible future for the franchise.

The new license, discovered by NME, is entitled “Radar of the ground and gradual construction of a path in the virtual context of a video game” and attributes the invention of the technique to the famous Japanese designer. The patent summary further explores this particular feature, defining it as a “method to influence the game world in a video game” and includes identifying the routes used and improving those paths based on the number of times they have been used by users. In short, although the document never quote Death Stranding directly, this type of feature seems to perfectly trace the gameplay of the game developed by Kojima Productions.

Sony submitted the application for the deposit in 2019 but was only accepted on 7 December 2021. From this moment on, then, anyone who tries to use such technology will have to pass through the law firms of the Japanese giant. The patent could then suggest new plans for Death Stranding franchise, although at the moment the publisher and developer have not provided concrete clues.

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