Dead Cells, The Launch Date Of The Dlc The Queen And The Sea: New Boss And Unreleased Final

After proudly announcing the 6 million copies sold by Dead Cells, the boys of Motion Twin announced the date when the Queen and the Sea, the new big expansion of the acclaimed roguelike, will debut.

With its resounding success over the years, the French software house has decided to renew its support for Dead Cells and expand its gaming world with new DLCs in the coming year. It will start with The Queen and the Sea, available on all platforms from 6 January 2022.

“With this DLC we are completing the path started years ago with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls. The end of a trilogy requires some special touches and we believe we have put several in this DLC. We have a new fantastic boss that we are sure will surprise you several times, one of the new levels is completely different from whatever you saw before in Dead Cells, also if you finish this DLC you will get a new final!”, the comment of Motion For a little preview of what is waiting for you in this new expansion you can take a look at the footage we have brought back to the opening.

For further information on the motion twin roguelike, please refer to our Dead Cells Review.

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