Dead Cells: A Wonderful Animated Trailer Celebrates The Debut Of The Dlc The Queen And The Sea

Motion Twin developers present the launch trailer for The Queen and the Sea, the new Dead Cells DLC that is now available for purchase. The expansion includes a new boss and a new final, and enriches the content package of the acclaimed roguelite.

Motion Twin’s French software house officially launches its new expansion through the beautiful animated trailer that we brought back to the top, useful to familiarize you with the settings, characters and creatures included in the DLC.

“Make your way through sunken wrecks, scale a burning lighthouse and face your most deadly opponent so far. If you can survive all this, maybe you can finally get out of this God-forgotten island… This content has been added to the final stages of the game to provide an alternative to the Bomi of Castello Alto Picco, the Distilleria Derelitta and the Sala del Trono.”

Players can also expect the extra classic content of the game expansions, including: 9 new weapons, including a launch shark, a trident and a pirate hook (the blindfold is not included); a not very cute animal; a pile

Dead Cells has outstripped 6 million copies sold globally on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android platforms.

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