Days Gone Has Sold More Than Ghost Of Tsushima But For Sony It Is A Disappointment

At CES, Sony announced that Ghost of Tsushima sold over eight million copies, praising the result of Sucker Punch Productions’ game and complimenting the team for this achievement. There is, however, a game that has apparently sold more but that has never enjoyed the same consideration.

We’re talking about Days Gone, or rather Jeff Ross, former Sony Bend Game Director, who left the studio in December 2020. At the time of his abandonment, Days Gone had been out for 16 months and had sold over eight million copies and continued to sell well afterwards, without considering the millions of downloads on Steam. Excellent results but that have never been taken into account by Sony, according to Ross in fact “the managers of the studio have always labeled it as a disappointing result.”

Ross himself has mentioned Sony in the past in rather negative terms after the publisher did not give green light to the production of Days Gone 2, the former Game Director of Sony Bend had proposed to managers various ideas for sequel but the

A long report by Jason Schreier spoke of internal contrasts between Sony Bend and PlayStation Studios, with the Oregon team that supported Naughty Dog a few months before dedicating themselves to a new project, a new IP not

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