Days Gone: Did The Cd Projekt Red Try To Buy Ip From Sony?

The participation of Jeff Ross and John Garvin (former Sony Bend Studio) in David Jaffe’s podcast brought to the fore numerous backgrounds related to the development of Days Gone and the lack of production of the sequel.

The former head of Oregon’s studio and Deacon’s adventure game director revealed during the podcast that CD Projekt RED tried to acquire Days Gone IP from Sony, but the company did not

Garvin and Ross say they “can’t confirm this statement” and it is not really clear whether CD Projekt RED has actually tried to acquire intellectual property or whether CD Projekt has thought of a possible deal to bring the game to GOG or maybe to be

Sony Bend also worked on the reboot of Syphon Filter and Resistance but both ideas did not find fertile ground and were put aside while as we know Days Gone 2 did not get the green light from the publisher, despite the

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