Days Gone 2 Was Rejected By Sony After The Abandonment Of Shawn Layden

In addition to talking about the possible reboot of Syphon Filter and Resistance open world, Jeff Ross, former creative director of Bend Studio, discussed Days Gone 2, the project Sony did not approve in

We know for some time now how Bend Studio tried to build the project of Days Gone 2 shortly after the publication of the first episode of the series based on motion and not dead. After presenting the pitch to Sony, however, the title was discarded in favor of a new IP of the software house.

Jeff Ross revealed that the decision to set aside Days Gone 2 was only made after Shawn Layden was abandoned. The statements suggest that the former president of Sony Worldwide Studios probably had shown favorable to the realization of the sequel.

“As soon as Shawn left, Days Gone died. It was obvious that we shouldn’t have talked about it while we were still working on it and we were planning it. It was clear that it was a temporary version. And there was nothing that could convince the local manager and his boss. It was probably a failure of the creative group, but it was a battle uphill all the time.”

In the meantime, it has been made clear that Days Gone probably did not sell more than Ghost of Tsushima, as was wrongly stated at first by Jeff Ross himself.

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