Dark Souls Roleplaying Game: Unveiled The New Board Game Under Official License

Bandai Namco and Steamforged Games officially present the project of Dark Souls Roleplaying Game, a new board game set in the soulslike dimension of the masterpiece action roles of FromSoftware.

With the success of the Kickstarter campaign and the sales of Dark Souls The Board Game, the Steamforged Games boys decide to reimmerse themselves in the dark-coloured atmosphere of the kolos

The teaser packaged under the aegis of Bandai Namco offers the Steamforged team the opportunity to highlight the differences between the new tabletop and the previous board game. Dark Souls’ original Board Game proposed a dungeon crawling experience to be lived strictly in cooperative, while the new Roleplaying Game, as suggested by the very name of the project, will be highly role-playing.

We hope to receive more comprehensive information on the mechanics and contents of this Roleplaying Game as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we leave you with the teaser trailer of the new board game and, if you missed it, our review of Dark Souls The Board Game by Marco Meina.

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