Dark Souls 2: The Community Sled Event In January For ‘Blame’ Elden Ring

Drawing inspiration from the success of the event Return to Yharnam of Bloodborne, the fans of Dark Souls 2 are preparing to celebrate the eighth birthday of the kolossal soulslike of FromSoftware deciding to

Depending on the very long-awaited launch of Elden Ring, the organizers of the next edition of Return to Drangleic choose to anticipate the activity of the community that, otherwise, would have coincided with the release of the new action roles

The return to Drangleic is therefore scheduled on the days from 16 to 30 January 2022: throughout the event, explorers of the role-playing dimension of Dark Souls 2 will repopulate servers to allow fans to engage in cooperative sessions

Fans wishing to attend the Return to Drangleic 2022 event, organizers recommend installing the Scholar of the First Sin version of Dark Souls 2 and installing the free Blue Acolyte mod from the pages

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