Cyberpunk And The Witcher: The Development Of New Games Will Start In 2022, Repeats Cdpr

In the interview with Rzeczpospolita granted by Adam Kicinski, CD President Projekt Adam Kichinski not only shared his confidence for the resumption of Cyberpunk 2077 but also reiterated the company’s intention to develop in the

The high exponent of the European software house has taken the opportunity offered him by the journalists of the Polish portal to confirm what has been said in recent months by the same summits of CD Projekt, that is the intention to devote itself from next year to the realization of triple

In discussing the subject with his interviewers, Kicinski said that “we are currently focusing on our two top franchises. Both have enormous potential, so one of our strategic goals was and remains to work in parallel on multiple AAA projects related to our IPs. We are planning to start this work from next year.”

To promote the parallel development of multiple high-budget titles, in October CD Projekt acquired Molasses Flood: in celebrating this important wedding, the top of the software house that gave birth to The Flame in the Wood and Drake

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