Cyberpunk 2077: Why Aren’t There Police Chases? Answers Cd Projekt

One of the most critical aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 by users is undoubtedly the Artificial Intelligence of the open world Sci-Fi, and in particular the way in which the police react to the crimes committed by V.

While it is an open world game with motorized vehicles, Cyberpunk 2077 does not present police pursuits on board cars, if we exclude some written sequences. An anomaly that has caused many people’s noses to twist, and that today finds the comment of Pawel Sasko, this director of the game.

Sasko has stated – in all probability in an ironic key – that games like Elden Ring or Sonic Frontiers do not present a system of pursuits, and that this disassembles the theory that all open world games must include one. A response misunderstood by the community, with the consequent disconcerted reactions that have accumulated on the pages of reddit.

Entering the issue more seriously, Sasko talks about a mix of technical limitations of the graphic engine used by CD Projekt RED and a lack of time to include the feature within the launch. It is, in short, something to which the study was forced to give up, even though it is in the original plans of development. From here comes the bizarre system of “teleportation” of the police, and for this reason always the clashes with the bands are reduced to short chases in limited areas of the map of Night City.

Speaking of cut content, modders have managed to restore monorail trips to Cyberpunk 2077.

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