Cyberpunk 2077 Victorious At The Steam Awards 2021: Enthusiastic Cd Projekt

After several weeks of voting, the portal of the Valve house finally revealed the complete list of the winning games of the Steam Awards 2021, the annual videogame awards awarded by the community of active fans on PC.

Among the many titles in the race, has made its appearance also the tormented Cyberpunk 2077, which after its tumultuous debut has progressively climbed the charts of sale of Steam, thanks also to frequent and substantial discounts on the price of Among the finalist games at the Steam Awards 2021 in the Game of the Year category, the GDR epic set in Night City did not manage to pick it up against the opponents. The victory went to Resident Evil: Village, with the PC community that preferred to reward Capcom’s survival horror.

Nevertheless, Cyberpunk 2077 still had its moment of glory. The ambitious production of CD Projekt RED has in fact won the first place in the category “Best Game from Deep Plot”, surpassing rivals Life is Strange: True Colors, Resident Evil A recognition that sees therefore the Steam Awards 2021 reward the narrative section of Cyberpunk 2077, even in spite of the controversy that involved the playful section of the project.

With the announcement of the winners of the competition, the Polish software house reacted enthusiastically. With the twitter you find at the bottom of this news, Cyberpunk’s official Twitter account 2077 thanked the public PC for the support it provided, ensuring that the team “would not have been able to ask for a better start for 2022”

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