Cyberpunk 2077: Projekt Cd Denies Alleged Leaks On Dlc And 2022 Free Update

Recent rumors about Cyberpunk’s unreleased content 2077 between DLC and free update in 2022 are holding a stand on major sites and industry forums. The media clamor generated by the pre-anticipating of the so-called leader is today responding to Radek Grabowski, Global PR Director of CD Projekt RED.

The exponent of the Polish development house takes the inspiration from an article published by journalist Paul Tassi to end the rumors of the corridor that are multiplying on the net. In direct contact with the editor of, Grabowski specifies that “all these things do not return at all. I’m sorry, Paul.”

The denial of the Director of Public Relations of CD Projekt should therefore definitively clarify the nature of the anticipations recently appeared on the pages of the chat about 4Chan forum on the impulse of a self-styled leader who, as is customary, preferred to remain in

According to CDPR’s denial of “deep gorge,” in 2022 we should have seen the relaunch of Cyberpunk 2077 with a Samurai Edition represented by the full-bodied additions of Patch 1.5 with barbers, garages, enemies from the

Also according to the leader, CD Projekt should announce in February the first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 set in the Pacifica district. From here to the next few months there would have been room for a mini-game in GWENT style to enjoy both single and multiplayer, for the soul CP2077 Edgerunners and, dulcis in fundo, for a DLC

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