Cyberpunk 2077: Mr. Bean Seems Unusually Comfortable In Night City

The Internet is beautiful because it’s varied: someone has the brilliant idea of bringing Mr. Bean to the decadent Night City of Cyberpunk 2077, giving shape to a hilarious video that is quickly making the lap of the network.

Has any of you ever wondered how Mr. Bean would be doing in megalopolis created by CD PRojekt RED? Probably not, but now you can get a very precise idea. The youtuber eli_handle_b.wav has taken from the TV series and from the movies a series of scenes that see the starring the weird combinatorie in tweed jacket played by Rowan Atkinson and

You can watch the video in the news. The same author a few months ago gave us a very similar work, which instead saw Austin Powers in the world of Mass Effect. As for Cyberpunk 2077, we point out that the insistent rumors about DLCs and the free updates in 2022 circulated in the past hours have proved unfounded: to deny them, the same CD Project R has thought about it

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