Cyberpunk 2077 Is Japan’s Game Of The Year: Cd Projekt Conquers The Rising Sun

With the end of 2021 now coming, it is time to chart in the gaming world, with newspapers and communities ready to elect their best games of the year.

If fans have recently discovered the winning games at The Game Awards 2021, which have seen It Takes Two win the title of Game of the Year, there are no shortage of alternative verdicts. Directly from Japan, for example, comes the peculiar Top 10 of the best games of 2021 compiled by IGN Japan. With the latter, the Japanese headboard shared a verdict decidedly counter-tendance, at the top of which Cyberpunk 2077 was placed.

After the tormented debut that characterized the ambitious production of CD Projekt RED, the head of the Levant Sun has decided in fact to reward the work done by the Polish software house in shaping Night City. Located on the first step of the 2021 IGN Japan podium, Cyberpunk 2077 exceeds Metroid Dread and It Takes Two, which are awarded second and third respectively. Below, you will find the complete ranking:

Cyberpunk 2077; Metroid Dread; It Takes Two; Monster Hunter: Rise; Horizon 5 Force; Inscyption; Dethloop; Hades; Resident Evil: Vi

Looking at the last twelve months of the video game world, the Japanese magazine has rewarded independent productions, such as Incryption, and AAA’s big ones such as Resident Evil: Village and Forza Horizon 5. Away, among others, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or the appreciated Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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