Cyberpunk 2077, Class-Action Closed: 1.8 Million Dollars Of Reimbursement To Shareholders

The tormented and complex debut of Cyberpunk 2077 has sadly associated with the expression “refund.” In the chaos that followed the first days of the game on the market, there were also legal actions against the development team.

In particular, many of the shareholders of CD Projekt RED had accused the Polish software house of lack of transparency towards them. From these premises, he had finally begun a class-action, which brought together under his wing four different court proceedings initiated by investors. Now, the judicial proceedings have ended with the attainment of an agreement between the parties to the dispute.

Specifically, the CD Projekt RED – reports The Verge – has agreed to pay the shareholders the sum of $1,850,000, or about €1.6 million, at the current exchange rate. This agreement is likely to require further ratification by the judicial authorities, but for the time being it seems that the dispute has actually reached the end of the line.

The sum, however important, does not seem to have a decisive impact on the overall balance of the Cyberpunk 2077 project. With about $300 million of production costs returned in the first days of distribution, the team has largely returned the expenses incurred for the GDR. To date, analysts estimate that Cyberpunk 2077 sold about 17 million copies, which, however, in other circumstances, could have been 30 million.

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