Cyberpunk 2077 Between Dlc And Free Updates: A Doubt Leak Mentions The News Coming In 2022

On the pages of the chatted forum of 4chan, a self-serving insider of CD Projekt claims to have come into possession of what, in his opinion, will be the list of the next additional content “premium” and free updates that will interest Cy

The information shared by the “deep gorge” is rather detailed and, for this reason, they are already making the tour of the social and forums most frequented by the community in spite of the objective impossibility to ascertain its truthfulness of the source.

According to the so-called leader, 2022 will be a year particularly full of surprises and unreleased content for fans of the kolossal sci-fi CD Projekt: for the insider, the Polish company would be organizing for the month of The update in question will bring the title to become the “Samurai Edition” and will be accompanied by graphic and playful optimizations of the update of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In the patch, there should be plenty of innovations such as the addition of barbers, a garage, an improved AI for enemies and policemen, and, again, a system of transmigrification, a rebalancing of the crafting system and a new The patch 1.5 should follow a free DLC with 4 new weapons, New Game Plus mode, new grafts and the possibility to customize the V apartment, as well as adding new lines of dialogue for Judy and Panam.

As for the first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, the self-proclaimed leader claims that it will be set in the Pacifica district and will focus on the clash between the Bozos gangs (psychopathic clowns) and Slaughterhouse ( During 2022 we should also see the addition of a new mini-game similar to Gwent and set in cyberpath, with JRPG-style pawns to collect and use in battle both alone and multiplayer. There is also a quotation from a new soul, called Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners and made by Studio Trigger.

As usual, we invite you to take these indiscretions with the pliers and consider them as such, especially considering the source from which this leak comes and the impossibility to trace back to the historian of the previous advance of the leader in question to evaluate the reliability.

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