Cyberpunk 2077 And The Witcher: Cd Projekt Will Introduce The Multiplayer Gradually

In addition to confirming that the next-gen updates of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 will arrive within the second quarter of 2022, during the last meeting with its investors, CD Projekt RED confirmed that it wants to introduce features

There are still no particularly specific details, with the Polish house just saying that multiplayer features will be introduced gradually over time.

“We are planning to gradually add multiplayer features in the future for both franchises, including Cyberpunk. We will not reveal which franchise will get the first multiplayer features, but the first attempt will be something we can learn from and from there we will add more and more. So step by step we want to open the doors to the multiplayer, but we will do it gradually adding the activities.”

As you may recall, the original program of CD Projekt RED was to launch a stand-alone online mode of Cyberpunk 2077, but the study revised its plans by opting for progressive integration within the main experience. Adam Kiciński, the company’s president, stressed that these first experiments with the multiplayer component will not divert attention from the great triple GDR A single player and story driver.

The problems stemming from Cyberpunk’s controversial debut 2077 cost CD Projekt a lot, which saw its net profits decreasing.

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