Cyberpunk 2077 And Sex With Johnny Silverhand: Keanu Reeves’ Comment On Mod

Many video players will remember the decision made at the beginning of the year by CD Projekt RED to remove from Cyberpunk 2077 all the Mods that allowed to seduce Johnny Silverhand.

The latter allowed players to watch cut-scenes in which intimate relationships were depicted with the character played by Keanu Reeves. Given the involvement of a real person, however, the Polish software house had finally decided to remove such content from the game, blocking the action of the Moders. On the matter, a funny comment from Keanu Reeves himself has now come, questioned in an interview with The Verge.

In the margins of her appearance at The Game Awards 2021 and the publication of the evocative The Matrix Awakens, the magazine asked the actor for his opinion on the subject. In discovering the backstory on Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves has proved to be amused, partly “honored” by this peculiar demonstration of affection from the audience. Starting from this episode, man then launched himself into a much broader reflection on the level of contact that can be reached among strangers through the most modern technologies. In imagining a sort of Metaverse VR that can relate fans and famous characters to the point of simulating sexual intercourse, Keanu Reeves outlined a scenario that does not seem to be so unlikely. In imagining this perspective, the actor concluded with a “less evil that reality exists.”

Directly in the opening of this news, you can find the full interview, which also saw Carrie-Ann Moss starring.

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