Cs:Go, It’s The End Of An Era For Astralis: Goodbye To Dupreeh, Magisk And Zonic

While you admire the total domain of the Natus Win over Counter Strike: Global Offensive, their rivals of recent years, Astralis, lose important pieces that have made the team a legend of the Val home FPS

This sad news for fans of the Danish team, who dominated the past years with a river of victories and three consecutive Majors, comes after a long period of crisis: after the farewell of one of the most important players, Nicolai In a short time, the organization decided to move Peter

Now the trio is destined to change air and, potentially, join the Vitality Team which, led by Zywoo and APEX’s deed work, is now even third in the world ranking with a climb from the ninth place that took place The transfer of shox to Team Liquid, coach XTQZZZ’s farewell and the noisy abandonment of the young talent Kyojin would allow the Nordic trio to join the French duo, but all remains

What is certain is the end of a era: the organization Astralis was born with the Danish quintet, previously linked to TSM, and for years managed to dominate the scene of CS:GO export winning minor tournaments and major one Nostalgics can then remember their businesses with the video tribute, which you can find at the bottom of the news.

In conclusion, ESL has revealed the 2022 plan for women’s championships.

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