Crossfirex Will Be At The Game Awards 2021? Directions From A Developer Message

South Korean developers of Smilegate update the social page of CrossfireX to publish a cryptic message that invites shooter fans to expect the arrival shortly of important news on this FPS multiplayer voted to realism that

In the post shared on Twitter by the Asian authors we find a message that tickles the curiosity of fans of competitive shooters: “Attention Mercenari… a broadcast was intercepted from BlackList… started

The Smilegate tweet also features a long string of code and a fictitious bar that suggests the imminent completion of the decryption of the secret message. With the approach of The Game Awards 2021, it is really impossible not to look in the direction of the Lausanne videogaming event as the perfect media showcase for the return to the scenes of CrossfireX after a long absence dictated,

The ceremony that will decreate the winner of the GOTY and other categories in nominations for the Game Awards 2021 will be held in the night between Thursday 9 and Friday 10 December: as our most loyal readers will know, we will hold a marathon on T

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