Crossfirex: Tga 2021 Trailer Unveils Launch Date On Xbox

During the 2021 Game Awards, CrossfireX also found space. The trailer presented at Geoff Keighley’s event follows the teaser that developers of Smilegate and Remedy Entertainment had published in recent days.

The footage we brought you back to the top of the news is this time focused on the single player campaign, which is being handled by Remedy’s boys. The trailer, with a strong cinematic style, shows several scenes with a high level of spectacularity that we will live during the adventure and presents some of the main characters with which we will interact. Remember that Smilegate is continuing to work on CrossfireX’s online multiplayer content, which we have tried in the Closed Beta phase.

At the end of the trailer, the launch date is announced: CrossfireX will be available on exclusive consoles on Xbox Series X Plus and Xbox One from 10 February 2022. Speaking of Remedy, we would like to point out that the house led by Sam Lake has finally announced Alan Wake 2 after more than ten years of waiting from the first chapter dedicated to the writer of Bright Falls.

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