Crossfirex Is Still Alive, Remedy Updates Us On Development

What happened to Microsoft’s CrossfireX? Be quiet, the game still exists despite often passing under the track during Xbox events, in any case a small development update comes now from Remedy, a team that is dealing with developing the campaign.

While Crossfire X multiplayer is developed by the Smilebite team, the campaign was entrusted to the care of Remedy and CEO Tero Virtala lets know that the game (or rather, games, since single Crossfire X is now “in preparation for launch” and apparently the remaining work is not much, so we will probably see it in 2022.

Remedy is committed to numerous projects including Project Condor and a second title set in the universe of Control. In October the Finnish studio (in collaboration with Epic Games) released Alan Wake Remastered with great success while 505 Games is funding multiplayer project condor game as well as probably a new IP control-based game, presumably Control

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