Cory Barlog, Director Of God Of War: ‘Playstation Studios Pushed Sony To The Pc’

Until a few years ago it seemed like utopia, but now it is becoming an increasingly established practice: a little at a time more exclusive PlayStation are coming also on PC. And often they debut with porting of all respect, as witnessed by our review of God of War for PC, available from 14 January 2022.

Just the mind behind Kratos’ first Norse adventure, Cory Barlog, revealed some background on Sony’s new strategy with some of his flagship games during an interview with Game Informer. According to the creative director of Santa Monica Studio, PlayStation studies have pushed the Japanese giant to make the important leap to the PC world.

“I think the issue started with studies that everyone together thought this was a good idea and that we should have moved in that direction. Then I think that we have reached the point of no return: we have sent so many proposals that at some point Sony will have thought ‘I am tired of always hearing the same thing, it’s okay we do’,” says with irony the director of God of

And so, in the summer of 2020, Horizon Zero Dawn was the first exclusive PlayStation first party to arrive on PC, followed by Days Gone and God of War, waiting for the debut On the other hand, Barlog has previously reiterated that Sony is responsible for the possible arrival of God of War Ragnarok on PC. For now, however, Kratos and Atreus will only be on PS5 and PS4.

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