Company Of Heroes 3 And Campaign Of Italy: Many Details About The Kolossal Rts In The New Video

After the free trial of Company of Heroes 3 focused on the Schermaglia mode, the Relic Entertainment boys come back to discuss the news that will cross the main Campaign of their next, highly anticipated strategic kolossal set in Italy and in the

The latest bake of details offered by Canadian developers provides some clarification on the “dynamic” nature of the map that will host the battles of the Campaign. According to Relic, each digital scenario that will be the background to the missions of the singleplayer component of Company of Heroes 3 will move away from the linear structure of the previous chapters to be re-established, instead, to what proposed in the Ardennes Assault

In this regard, Relic’s executive producer David Littman explains that “this approach will be our’secret sauce’ of Company of Heroes 3 success, especially as regards the connection of the activities to be carried out between the strategic map and battles The dynamic nature of the environments will affect the enemy AI: based on the deployment of troops, logistics and actions carried out to support their troops, the Nazi High Command will react accordingly, deciding from time to time what strategies to adopt.

Every choice made by the enemy AI will, of course, be true to the historical context, as the map manager of the Andrew Deneault Campaign points out, stating that “German air power was beginning to weaken, so they will use their aircraft very selectively, for example with For this reason, the approach to battles, both air and naval, will be different precisely because the Germans, at that specific phase of the conflict, decided to change their strategies.”

Of particular interest is also the confirmation by Relic of the presence of partisans as an additional resource available to players during the campaign: these specific units will be able to carry out targeted actions without consuming as many resources as those required to mobilize regular troops, but will be

At this point we just have to wait for the official launch date of Company of Heroes 3, scheduled for approximately the second half of 2022 exclusively on PC. Meanwhile, we invite you to read our Company of Heroes 3 test with Italy’s protagonist.

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