Cod Warzone, The Italian Savyultras Touches 50 Kills On Caldera: It Is European Record

Shortly after the debut of the Caldera map, SavyUltras90, a well-known Italian streamer of Call of Duty Warzone, gets the Italian and European record of individual killings. There were 48 kills at the end of the game, for a performance that also holds him third place in the world ranking.

To succeed in the company, SavyUltras90 used a loadout of MP40 machine gun, mainly used in close-up firefights, and the BREN light machine gun, which is becoming one of the most effective weapons in recent times. At the start of the match, we must report the 10 kills put in the mark on board a bomber, which we know is potentially devastating if handled with the right dose of skill.

The streamer called it “one of my best games ever with which we take home the Italian Record, the European Record and a third place in the world that gives much satisfaction!” If you were curious to relive the entire game and the emotion experienced by the streamer when you get this new record, we will refer you to the movie you find in the opening.

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