Cod Warzone, Scene Export In Danger? Pros Are The Developers’ Fault

The implementation of the anti-cheat Ricochet is paying off on Warzone and Vanguard, causing one ban after another on the two titles of the Call of Duty series. If the……………………………………………….

One of the last more stinging statements came from Hector Competitive is not in the priorities of the developers, who are abandoning us. They can’t come to us and tell us they care about the scene. They can’t.

Another problem he emphasized is that Call of Duty Vanguard came out last November and the first official competition will start in January 2022, too late for the standards of the export scene that sees the various organizations  pay tens of

H3CZ is not, however, the only important personality in the world that is being exposed to complaints: several players from other teams have joined him, even more pungently. As you can see from the tweets at the bottom of the news, New York Subliners’ Aydan professional tried Apex Legends for an hour and said he was extremely satisfied with the gameplay, preferring it to Warzone. The Faze Kalei streamer followed the message by suggesting to pass all to Apex and, just yesterday, Aydan shared with the audience the following tweet: ♪Today is the first day when it does not It’s definitely gonna be hard, but that game sucks and needs some change before I can start over.

The next few months will be difficult for Activision-Blizzard, who will have to choose whether to continue to support only the casual experience or ensure fun and support for the export scene, now in crisis.

In Italy, meanwhile, SavyUltras90 has reached 50 kills on Caldera reaching the European record.

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