Cod Warzone: Ricochet System Already Passed? The Number Of Cheater Increases

After a rather promising start and the partial disappearance of the cheaters on Caldera, it seems that the Ricochet system launched by Activision and Raven Software on Call of Duty Warzone Pacific is starting to lose some shots.

Within about a month of his debut, Ricochet has made possible the ban of thousands of cheaters that for too long have compromised the online multiplayer experience offered by the famous Battle Royale. After the first encouraging signs, however, it seems that the hackers are gradually coming back to the surface, as witnessed by the growing discontent of the users.

The cheaters were the re-entering users, who are discussing the issue in the official section dedicated to the shooter. Even the well-known streamer Dr. Disrespect has said that he is greatly displeased by Ricochet’s ineffectiveness in recent weeks: “It is not working. You have to work on a solution immediately, you have to figure out something for this engine, it’s not working”, it was his words during a recent streaming. Some console players claim that cross-play is only activated between PlayStation and Xbox users, so they isolate the playerbase that plays on PC, where unfortunately the vast majority of cheats lurk.

Raven Software has already specified that the launch of Ricochet would represent only a first step towards its battle against the cheats. The kernel-level system will evolve over time and hopefully become less elusive by hackers: “We are committed and determined to improve the anti-cheat Ricochet system, fighting for the community and against those players

Meanwhile, the community is viciously complaining to Raven Software about the lack of the COD Warzone FOV slider on consoles.

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