Cod Warzone, Players Can’t Take It Anymore: They Want Fov Control On Consoles

Two years of history, tons of updates and countless demands, yet Call of Duty Warzone players for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus still cannot adjust the FOV – Field of View, i.e.

On consoles, the FOV reaches a maximum of 80 degrees, while PC players can increase it to 120 degrees. In other words, they can benefit from a larger view of 50% and get a great advantage in battle (Call of Duty Warzone, remember, is a cross-play game), especially in the clashes at close range in narrow spaces You want proof? Then look at the comparative image attached below, taken by the user Reddit Maximus0066: you can easily see the incredible difference between console and PC.

The discussions on this subject, never completely tolerated, have returned to the forefront of social networks. What do developers say? Ted Timmins, Creative Director of Call of Duty Warzone, admitted last December that he was well aware of the problem, since he is a console player. Nevertheless, it did not provide any precise information, nor a date for the implementation of the FOV regulation, but merely report that the team is listening to players.

It is possible that Raven Software is currently engaged on other: it is a few weeks since the debut of a new map, Caldera and the troubles are not lacking, between server instability and bugs that cause the invisibility of skin. Probably the FOV problem has been postponed to a more relaxed time.

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