Cod Warzone Pacific, Ricochet Is Missing The Target: Cheater Cause Developers

The activation of Call of Duty’s anti-cheating Ricochet system: Warzone Pacific should have put a definitive embankment – or at least a strong impact – on the scourge of the unfair players present within the shooter.

However, it seems that something is not going as planned by the Activision development team, at least according to the latest testimonials from the free battle royale community. On online forums, reports have been made about the sightings of open provocations in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

Evidently still active in the shooter despite the activation of Ricochet, several cheaters are in fact addressing mocking messages to the developers of Raven Software. A practice carried out through the choice of their nicknames, among which there are examples such as “YesIamHacking,” but there are even those who have inserted the logo of the software house as tag for their clan. In short, a situation certainly not pleasant, that does not help to pacify the climate in the community of attendees of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

Meanwhile, Raven Software’s post-launch support continues to take its shooter free to play. Just recently, to try to reduce the phenomenon of disconnecting, for example, the number of players in the map of COD: Warzone Pacific has been reduced.

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