Cod Warzone Pacific, Between Caldera And New Weapons: All The New Features Of Season 1

The Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 is now around the corner, and Raven Software is preparing to launch all the new content planned for the debut of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and the new map

Through the publication of the Season 1 roadmap, the developers of Raven Software have illustrated what Call of Duty Warzone players will be able to access from December 9 (from December 8th if you are among Call of

It starts from the Caldera map, which will replace Verdansk, which was reworked last March to align with the themes of COD Black Ops Cold War. A new battlefield that will be accompanied by the entrance to the scene of over 40 new fire vents taken from COD Vanguard, a gulag built completely from scratch, new contracts, vehicles and events.

Rebirth Island will be confirmed as a permanent member of the company, but the mode will be supported by Vanguard Resurgence. You can also access Vanguard Royale, where only equipment from the latest Sledgehammer Games shooter will be available.

Francis, Lewis and Isabella are the new operators who are preparing to go down to the battlefield, and are coming in numerous bundles through which to grab all cosmetic objects of Season 1.

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