Cod Warzone Pacific And Vanguard: Caldera And Season 1 Launch Postponed

Activision, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have been forced to partially revise their plans for the near future of Call of Duty Warzone, which is about to complete its “transformation” into Pacific

Today we learn that the launch of Call of duty Vanguard Season 1 and the new peaceful map of Warzone, which will be called Caldera, was postponed to December 8, six days after the date of December 2, originally planned. Access to Caldera, we specify, will be possible from 8 December in Advanced Access for Vanguard owners only. All other players will have to wait the next day, i.e. December 9. Fortunately, the delay has proved to be rather contained. Users will have to wait less than one week longer than initially reported.

The announcement was accompanied by the publication of the roadmap of the contents of the first season of Vanguard, which includes new maps, weapons and equipment, and updates for the Zombies mode. Warzone, in addition to the previously mentioned addition of the Caldera map, will see the introduction of new vehicles, the return of Rebirth Island and the debut of Vanguard Royale, a classic battle royale in which you can find only and exclusively the From December 8th, the free-to-play is called Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.

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