Cod Warzone Pacific: A Skin Becomes Almost Invisible Due To A Glitch

The debut of Caldera and the first season of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is unfortunate, accompanied by numerous technical problems that are compromising the gaming experience offered by the Battle Royale Acti

As a demonstration of how the shooter urgently needs further polishing work from the Raven Software team, it seems that a specific COD Warzone Pacific skin is making players virtually invisible to the opponents.

To be precise, we are talking about the Francis Operator, which can be unlocked once it reaches level 100 of the Battle Pass, and which, at a certain distance from the other players, is only visible with its head. Needless to say, the situation is creating inconvenience to many users, who find themselves under enemy fire without being able to understand who exactly is attacking them. The glitch is essentially making the skin Awoken “pay-to-win,” and there are many who are expressing their own mood about the current state of the Battle Royale.

In December 12 testers of the COD Warzone QA were fired, and this could have complicated even more the situation regarding the quality control of the game, and especially the Caldera map. The news has triggered the controversy of beta testers, who were initially promised a transfer to a partner company, Volt, with a consequent increase in benefits, bonuses and hourly pay.

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