Cod Warzone Pacific: 14 Years Old Wins At Timthetatman Tournament, Is He A Young Prodigy?

If on one side of the world the Italian SavyUltras90 wins the European record of individual killings on COD Warzone Pacific, on the other side a young 14-year-old wins the improvised tournament by the famous street The boy’s father was also surprised.

The Twitch broadcast was followed by fans of the competitive FBS of Activision and the streamer itself, who decided to organize this competition involving exclusively members of its community. The final triumph was a boy who, only in the celebration with TimTheTatman himself, revealed his age by surprising anyone who was connected.

As you can see and hear from the clip attached to the news, the streamer was also amazed to discover the age of the winner, considering that in his community there are also many talented larger players. At about half a clip it is revealed that the boy’s father recorded every single game of the tournament, although he did not believe in the abilities of his son: , I

This was almost a great Christmas gift to the young enthusiast who, perhaps, will become so strong that he will compete even in semi-professional tournaments or worthy of the best initiatives catalogued in the field of exports.

Meanwhile, the new anti-cheat Ricochet is reaping a lot of victims: even over 48,000 of them were counted between October and December on Warzone Pacific and Vanguard.

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