Cod Warzone: Numerous Weapons Depowered With The Latest Update

Call of Duty Warzone receives a new update aimed at perfecting the experience offered by the popular battle royale of Activision. The latest update not only solves some minor bugs, but leads to a general balance of the armament, which involved several gunshots present within the game.

For example, Cooper Carbine was considerably depowered among assault rifles, along with Volkssturmgewehr: both now inflict less damage to their neck and torso, and have a considerably greater recoil than the Among the guns, however, were RATT, Klauser, Machine Pistol and Top Break. Switching to the pump guns, the Combat Shotgun, the Einhorn Revoving and the Gracey Auto now inflict minor damage.

Precision rifles, on the contrary, have been upgraded: now 3-Line Rifle, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle and Type 99 have seen increased the extent of their damage. In addition, players will now find a greater variety of weapons with the new update, with resources and supplies repositioned through Caldera. All the details about the latest patch can be found on the official website of Raven Software.

For those who want to discover all the secrets on the new map of the battle royale, here are the best landing points on Caldera of COD Warzone. Don’t forget to discover the main places of Caldera in COD Warzone.

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