Cod Warzone: Employees Strike To Protest Activision Layoffs

A few days after the debut of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, a new chapter in the success story of free-to-play, a storm is breaking down on Activision – yet another chapter of this 2021.

Last weekend, Activision Blizzard fired 12 testers from the Quality Control Department of Raven Software (a company responsible for the development and support of Call of Duty Warzone’s content), despite having promised them a promotion and a The redundancies in question will become effective on 28 January. The remaining employees of the division, who in total do not have more than 40 individuals, now see their position threatened.

For this reason, today, December 6, the entire department of Quality Control of Call of Duty Warzone – supported by other employees of Raven Software – left Madison’s offices in Wisconsin, and called for a strike, threat

“Those who are participating in the demonstration are well aware of the success the study is experiencing,” the group said. “The QA (Quality Assurance) department in Raven is essential for the daily operation of the entire study. Finishing the contract of a group of qualified testers in a period of rich work and profits puts the health of the study at risk.”

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg pointed out that collective actions of this kind are very rare in the North American video gaming industry, since he cannot count on the unions. This year, however, they have become the agenda for Activision, which is also facing the cause of harassment and abuse of women in the company. Stephen Totilo of Axios, however, points out that all this is happening in a period of great success for Warzone, which every day cashes as many as 5.2 million dollars. In a few days, by the way, it will enter a new chapter in its history with the debut of the Caldera map and the Pacific update.

Overtaken by Kotaku, Activision commented on the facts: “Activision Publishing is increasing its investment in operational resources and developers. We will convert about 500 temporary working figures into full-time positions in the coming months. Unfortunately, as part of these changes, we have also notified 20 temporary workers in our studies that their contract will not be extended.”

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