Cod Warzone, Christmas Gift To Players: Nerf For Krampus With The New Patch

The special Christmas event of Call of Duty: Warzone has been available in the shooter for a few days, but there have been no lack of complaints about the additions introduced by the development team.

In particular, players have addressed their discontent with Krampus, the unfriendly monster ready to break into the winter matches of the battle royale. The community of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, in particular, accused the creature of being too powerful, thus representing a cause of imbalance within the gameplay.

A consideration that finally found listening at the studios of Raven Software, with the software house that decided to listen to feedback and reduce the destructive power of Krampus. With the twitter you find at the bottom, the software house author of COD: Warzone has announced some variations, which will be introduced in-game with a new patch. Specifically, Raven Software has decided to reduce Krampus’ resistance, whose health will decrease in all Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific modes. In addition, the creature’s spawn frequency has been reduced.

This is how Activision’s post-launch support continues to be offered to its battle royale, with COD: Warzone Pacific now the epicenter of all Call of Duty.

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