Cod Warzone As Harry Potter: Cheater Fight Aboard Flying Cars

One thing is for sure: cheaters always manage to come up with new ideas to turn the games around, and this time on Call Of Duty Warzone they’ve outdone each other. Several players have in fact started flying over the maps of Caldera and Rebirth Island on board flying cars.

Some videos have already appeared on social media like Reddit, and they see vehicles flying to the sky and beyond buildings just as if they had come out of a Harry Potter movie. But by exploiting this cheat, players can indiscriminately attack every other opponent on the ground, getting big (and illicit) benefits during the game and becoming targets much harder to hit once in the air.

Although the anticheat Ricochet system of COD Warzone has proved effective in combating the phenomenon of the cheater bannandone numerous, the emergence of new “trucks” like that of the flying cars testifies how fundamental is a constant monitoring work to prevent

Meanwhile Activision is struggling with various problems of a playful and technical nature that afflict various games of the franchise: the Season 2 of COD Vanguard and Warzone has been postponed, albeit a little, to allow developers to make more effective solutions

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