Cod Warzone And Vanguard: The Giant Attack Bundle With The First Update Of 2022

Just two days before the start of Season 1 Reloaded in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, Activision announces a bundle dedicated to The Attack of Giants.

Born to celebrate the launch of the last season of the anime, the Bundle Tracking Package: The attack of the giants – Levi Edition will become officially available from January 20, a week after the launch of the mid-season update scheduled for the Thanks to it, Daniel Yatsu will wear the equipment of the Reconnaissance Army.

The bundle contains 10 objects, starting from “Gigs Perfora,” a project shaped weapon on the famous blade built with super resistant steel, the only material capable of scratching the flesh of the giants. The other two weapons present in the bundle are the legendary machine gun “Historia” and the project assault rifle “Maledition of Ymir.” The first, equipped with small caliber loaders, guarantees greater speed and fire rate, so it is suitable for fast players who want to shoot effectively during the shot. The “Ymir Maledition” instead, with a nine-a-piece configuration, almost zero horizontal recoil, high bullet speed and extreme effectiveness from the long distance turns out to be phenomenal for the proud players of their aim, especially when used with the stand.

The weapons may be used by all the Operators, but the skin “Recognitive Army” modeled on the basis of the uniform worn by Captain Levi Ackerman, is designed for Sergeant Daniel Yatsu. In addition, the bundle also includes the legendary final move “Steel Fendant,” the exclusive vanguard highlight “Vertical Handle,” the MVP Highlight “Super-resistant Steel,” a Door Find a preview of all objects in the images attached to this news.

Vanguard’s mid-season update, remember, will be available for download from 6:00 tomorrow 12 January, while Warzone Pacific update will be available from 6:00 on 13 January. The start of the Season 1 Reloaded is scheduled for 18:00 on January 13. New features include the new Operator Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes, which completes the Trident of Task Force 006, and the new Welgun machine gun.

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