Cod Warzone And Vanguard: How To Get 10 Free Pass Level Jumps

Activision has decided to give a generous gift to all Call of Duty players: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard, who can climb the Battle Pass levels much faster during the Christmas holidays.

Among the various initiatives of the event Fervore Festive, in fact, the development team and the publisher of the two shooters have decided to give a total of 10 Level jumps, i.e. the tokens through which users can climb This bonus, which is only available to those players who have a physical or digital copy of Call of Duty Vanguard, can be redeemed very quickly. Anyone who respects the only and only requirement of reward, must do nothing but start COD Vanguard on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. At this point, scroll through the cards at the top of the screen until you reach the one called “Battle Pass”: you will notice that in the grey banner on the left (the one with the red skull icon), there is a statement inviting the player Press the button on screen and within a few minutes you will find yourself with 10 extra levels of the pass, which include 100 COD Points and an emblem.

In case you want to get more Level Jump tokens, know that one of them is distributed through the challenges of the Christmas event, instead two more will be included in a free package for players who will arrive in the store in the next few days. It should also be noted that all holders of COD Vanguard can benefit from a bonus already active 10% for the Player, Guns and Battle Passes during Season 1.

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