Cod Warzone And Streamer: Hit In-Game, Download A Loader Out The Window

As the season 6 of COD Warzone and Modern Warfare continues, an active streamer on the battle royale free to play draws the attention of the videogaming community to itself.

The reasons are certainly not worthy, for to attract the interest of the public it was a disproportionate and dangerous reaction of the individual to an in-game death. Busy in a Call of Duty session: Warzone, the Twitch active streamer was hit by an opponent during a live game broadcast on his Channel. Suddenly, the user left his post just to hold a gun. Opened the window of the room from which it was leading the streaming, it has therefore downloaded an entire magazine in the surrounding area.

The latter, fortunately, did not seem to accommodate people or living beings, but this obviously does not reduce the irresponsibility and gravity of the gesture. Empty the magazine, the protagonist of the affair returned to the playstation and, after placing the weapon on the table, resumed the game of Call of Duty: Warzone. The behaviour, of course, violates Twitch’s rules of conduct, but it is unclear whether the platform has already intervened. The clip that captured the event was anyway removed from the Twitch pages.

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