Cod Warzone: After Weeks Of Silence, Activision Comments On Raven Software’s Strike

After a long silence, Activision finally decided to make a statement about the protests that Raven Software employees have been carrying out since December.

In case you missed it, it all started in early December, when Activision Blizzard decided not to renew the contract of 12 testers of the Quality Control Department of Raven Software (team responsible for Call of Duty Warzone A few days after the bad news, employees who are running out of contracts, supported by many other employees of the firm, started a strike (which continues today) to ask for their reintegration and for assurances about the working position of all other colleagues.

After all these weeks, Activision has finally commented on the matter officially: “Activision cares a lot about the well-being of all our teams, including those engaged in Quality Control. Raven Software’s leadership has contacted staff members to discuss their concerns and to illustrate the investment plan for development resources. As announced earlier, we are increasing our overall investment in development and operational resources, so as to convert about 500 temporary workers to an indefinite contract – the largest conversion in Activision’s history.”

“To the 12 temporary employees in Raven who have not been renewed, we have provided an extended notification period, including the payment of two weeks’ Christmas holidays. We will also work directly with all those who need assistance in the transfer. Raven is full of people who have decided to improve the culture of Activision, and we look forward to working together with all employees to achieve this goal.”

The statement shows that the leaders of Raven Software (in other words: Activision management) have contacted their employees to discuss what happened. They are also providing assistance to the 12 testers, either paying them Christmas holidays, or helping them in the transfer: many had moved specifically to Madison, Wisconsin, at the Raven headquarters, for a job that eventually turned out to be

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