Cod Vanguard, Use Cheat? Risk Of Permanent Ban From All Call Of Duty

About a month after the presentation of the new anti-cheat Ricochet system designed for the COD series, Activision renews its line of action against the unfair players, for whom a further narrow is planned.

From its official blog, the videogaming company has redefined the concept of “permanent ban.” The latter, it is said, will no longer only cover the single game in which they were found guilty of cheating, but the totality of the productions related to the series Call of Duty. A forecast that includes both titles released before and chapters of COD that will come out in the future. Basically, for example, being hit by a permanent ban on COD: Vanguard will also result in a definitive removal from COD: Warzone, COD: Black Ops Cold War and many others, including the still mysterious chapter that will come in 2022

A very hard line, confirming the adoption of a zero tolerance policy against cheating in the Activision home. Of course, the permanent ban remains a measure only for the most serious cases, such as the repeated implementation of frequent violations. The same punishment is provided for attempted breaches of security rules, by blurring their hardware or identity. The same will happen in case of repeated offenses to the community and other players or systematic use of in-game cheat.

Waiting to see the Ricochet system in full action, we point to a disappointing debut of COD: Vanguard in the UK.

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