Cod Vanguard Is No Longer Prominent On The Playstation Site After Activision

The situation around Activision and its CEO Bobby Kotick is creating a big fuss within the gaming industry. Not only employees and players have expressed their discontent with the company’s actions, but also other important gaming giants show their disagreement with the affair.

Phil Spencer confirms that Xbox is ready to review its relationship with Activision, for example, but the fact has not gone unnoticed even at PlayStation’s home, with Jim Ryan from Sony shocked by what is happening in Acti And a first move by the Japanese giant seems to have been on the official PlayStation website: in the PS Store area, in fact, Call of Duty Vanguard is no longer as prominent as it was until the day before, and

It should be noted that Vanguard was not completely removed from the site, being on the contrary still present, however the move was made in such a way that it no longer emphasized it as a result of the ongoing affair with the CEO of the American company. The petition for Kotick’s resignation as Activision CEO has exceeded 1000 signatures, and it is not to be excluded that it can grow further as the hours pass.

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