Cod Vanguard: A Leak Reveals The Weapons Of Season 1 And The Theme Event Attack On Titan

It’s only been a few days since Call of Duty Vanguard’s official launch, but players have already analyzed every single string of code in the PC version of the shooter with the aim of capturing all the secrets about the content coming soon.

According to some posts published on Twitter, it would seem that the dataminers have succeeded in their aim and have discovered some interesting information about the first extra content that will expand the game in conjunction with the launch of Season 1, the departure of which is scheduled for 2 It seems that the two weapons that players can unlock for free in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard for the entire duration of the first season will be the Lee Enfield and PTRS, a shotgun and a heavy one

The news has not ended here, since Activision would seem to have intended to propose many other crossover events, which have already arrived numerous over the last year (Scream, Saw, Donnie Darko, Die Hard, Rambo and One of the dataminers that dug through the game files found references to Attack on Titan and, specifically, to a katana that should refer to the blades used by the protagonists of the series of souls and manga to eliminate giants. This is obviously unofficial information and we will not be attending an event dedicated to the series, but we cannot exclude that in the game store a theme bundle is in the right direction.

Waiting to find out all the details about Season 1, please note that on our pages you will find the review of the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign. Have you read the guide to the multiplayer of COD Vanguard?

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