Cod Modern Warfare: Lag And Serious Problems After Warzone Pacific Update

The Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 1 has just begun, but the huge update released by Raven Software has brought with it multiple side effects that are undermining the gaming experience, even for those who have remained on multiplayer mode

As we have already reported, there are cases of bugs and freezes on COD Warzone Pacific, but also the users of Modern Warfare are reporting in these hours a series of issues that are making substantially unplayable

According to the evidence collected on reddit, the online connection is generally precarious and a phenomenon similar to stuttering is seriously affecting the fluidity of the gameplay. It also seems that the screen for choosing equipment appears unmotivated on screen at intervals of 2-5 seconds, that there are audio problems, that the heavy machine gun RAAL is absent in the game arsenal, and that some operators of

These and other issues have appeared after the Warzone Pacific update on December 8, and it is not clear how long it will take for Raven Software to get a patch on both Warzone and Modern Warfare

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