Cod Modern Warfare 2 As Rainbow Six Siege With A Defenders Vs Attack Mode?

The announcement of the next Call of Duty will not take place before the second half of this year, but as usual rumors have arrived with a good advance. There are now many insiders who aim at Modern Warfare 2 as the next chapter of the series that is being released in 2022.

To the insistent rumors of the last few months has just gone to add another one, tied to the multiplayer sphere of the title. According to RalphsValve, an insider generally considered reliable, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will offer a Attacking vs. Defenders styled Rainbow Six Siege. The rumor is clearly far from confirmed, but given the inexhaustible success of Ubisoft’s proposal, we would not be surprised if Infinity Ward also decided to say his name in this area.

The insider did not, however, just launch the bomb and shut up, as he added more juicy information. According to its sources, the maps will be similar to the area of the CQB test of Call of Duty 4, appropriately expanded. The objectives will vary according to the team’s membership and will obviously have to do with the defense or the conquest of a certain area of the map. Each team can also assign different roles to its members and elect the leader through a voting system. To slow down or annihilate the Attackers, defenders can take advantage of hidden locations, cameras, traps and tools for fortification of the stations.

Would that make it easier for you to do that in the next Call of Duty? Waiting for certainties, we remember that some time ago the same insider also spoke of a mode of COD Modern Warfare 2 in style Escape from Tarkov.

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