Cod Cold War: Here Are The News Coming With The Season 1 Of Cod Vanguard

With the arrival of the Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1, Treyarch has decided to introduce some new features within COD Black Ops Cold War, so as to intersect the worlds of the two shooters of the lucky series

As illustrated in a new post published by Treyarch, COD Black Ops Cold War will modify the player progression system so that it synchronizes with the COD Vanguard system.

“Sync progression with Vanguard: you will start the first season at the military rank or prestige you have achieved in Vanguard (or military grade 1 if you haven’t played Vanguard yet). Every new prestige brings you a key prestige, a level leap, an emblem and a Black Ops Cold War sticker!

“The new Life Prestige commemorates the total of the Prestige earned in previous seasons. Complete the complete set of a previous season in MP or Zombie to earn a main animated business card and 10,000 XP with each set,” this is what the tweet series we have brought back to the bottom of the news.

Also confirmed are the nerf to the Marshall gun and the addition of new challenges with which you can unlock the.410 Ironhide smooth-cane rifle and the Grav assault rifle.

With the arrival of the Season 1 of COD Vanguard also COD Warzone will face a revolution with the debut of the Caldera map.

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