Cod Black Ops: Treyarch’s Boss Resigns After Harassment Charges

Treyarch’s co-leader Dan Bunting has officially resigned following allegations of sexual harassment related to an episode dating back to 2017. He worked for 18 years at the Call of Duty series, and was clearly one of the central figures in the construction of the COD Black Ops series.

According to the report published by the Wall Streey Journal, Bunting became the protagonist of a drunken harassment episode that occurred four years ago. Apparently, Activision’s Human Resources gap quickly became aware of the issue and started investigating Bunting, and finally recommended that Treyarch’s co-head study be dismissed immediately. However, the intervention of Activision-Blizzard’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, was decisive, who blocked the dismissal operation and kept Bunting in his place, while sanctioning it with some measures: “Do

Bunting decided to leave the company after Wall Street Journal started extensive investigation into the incident and reported it all in its recent report. The article also sees the involvement of Bobby Kotick himself, who was also accused of harassing an employee of the company and even threatened her with death by means of a message left on his voicemail.

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