Cod Black Ops Cold War: Discovered A Trick To Earn More Xp For Weapons

It didn’t take long for players to realize that in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War weapons require more experience points, and consequently more time, to rise to level than in the past. Someone, however, has already rolled up their sleeves and discovered a way to earn them more quickly…

The youtuber Gliching Queen has discovered a method to raise the weapons faster: all you have to do is start games in Zombies mode, play until round three, go out and repeat again as long as you think it’s appropriate. Rounds 2 and 3 seem to provide a lot of experience points for weapons, so you can maximize your gain by playing them repeatedly. The progression is unique, so the levels earned in Zombies automatically move to the Multiplayer.

In addition, Glitching Queen recommends that PlayStation players bring friends with them, as thanks to the partnership between Sony and Activision, users who play in the team with their teammates get 25% more experience points for their weapons. The bonus is also valid for Xbox and PC players who join two other friends who play on PlayStation thanks to cross-play. For more details about the method, please watch the video in the news. Take advantage of this these days, as during the launch of Nuketown 84 in COD Black Ops Cold War has also been activated the 2XP bonus, which involves doubling the classic experience points and the experience points of weapons up to

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