Clownfield 2042 Comes In, Word Of The Ea Shooter.

The first months of Battlefield 2042 were not all roses and flowers. Among technical problems and limited content, many fans have not been convinced by the work done so far by Electronic Arts and DICE. At some point, even, Battlefield 2042 had less active players than the fifth chapter on Steam.

If you are one of those who have not particularly appreciated the last episode of the famous FPS series, know that the independent team Riverside Sport has thought of you, creating an exhilarating parody of the EA title. Clownfield 2042 (already the name is a program) mocks the work already copying the style of the logo, presenting itself as a multiplayer FPS that follows the scenarios of Battlefield 2042 but presenting itself with a deliberately schematical design

Players will take control of a soldier equipped with six different weapons and ready to jump into the mix to get the victory of his team. The story behind the title is even more out of control, and sees a world gone to waste after the 2022 cryptocrash caused by the NFTs: human society collapsed and nations gathered under the aegis of the “No Clowns,” Battles on the “largest maps ever made” by comparing themselves with “any number of AI enemies that your PC can hold” so as to fully savor the essence of the All Out Clownfare.

The fictitious reviews related to the game also smile: “The next big surprise is here and that’s all,” says MetaSomething, while for ING it is the “best Clownfare experience ever achieved.” Again, for JackLies the game “work great on the current RTX cards at 200fps in 4K.” In short, an explosive experience that you can find on Steam, where the game is considered “incoming” despite the date set at 31 December 2021.

On the contrary, returning seriously, our review of Battlefield 2042 will reveal what works and what went wrong with the last FPS warring EA and DICE.

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